Dear guests

September may still be far off, but the work on next year’s theater festival is well underway, and we are already looking forward to the weekend of September 20-22.

This year, the festival’s theme is ‘Across Generations’, and under this heading, we present various projects that invite children, young people, and adults to experience and participate together. The performing arts have so many opportunities to create connections between people, especially across ages and stages of life, and that is what we would like to focus on.

We can already reveal that among other things, you will be able to experience ‘The Age Cabinet’ by Luna Park Scenekunst in the KUBEN on Søndergade, ‘The Choreography’ by Swedish Johanssons Pelargonier och Dans, where audiences of all ages create a performance together, and Live Art Denmark’s ‘Playing Up’, which is shown in connection with the festival’s professional forum, focusing this year on Live Art and performance for children and young people.

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In 2023, you could meet the following theaters at the festival.

Teater Refleksion ▪ Frøken Fracasos Kompagni ▪ HIMHERANDIT Production ▪ Teatret Patrasket ▪ Teater freezeProductions ▪ Paolo Nani Teater ▪ Corali Dance Company ▪ Wired Studio ▪ Nørregaards Teater og Abstrax Teater ▪ Gazart ▪ Teatret Brændende Kærlighed ▪ AniMaNi ▪ MÆRKVÆRK ▪ teaterBLIK ▪ Holstebro Dansekompagni ▪ Live Art Danmark ▪ SuperPower Ensemble ▪ Teaterværkstedet Madam Bach ▪ Koen de Preters ▪ Teatret Beagle ▪ Teatret KrisKat ▪ Teater Håndholdt og Passepartout Theatre Production ▪ BaggårdTeatret ▪ Nøgensnegl ▪ Teater Nordkraft ▪ Mit Teater ▪ Art Farm ▪ Sjællands Teater FAIR PLAY ▪ Teater V ▪ Luna Park Scenekunst ▪ Randers Teater ▪ Teater O, Nørregaards Teater og Holstebro Teater ▪ Limfjordsteatret ▪ Dansk Rakkerpak ▪ Seimi Nørregaard ▪ Syddjurs Egnsteater ▪ Tiny Dancer ▪ Teater Fantast ▪ Aaben Dans ▪ Teatret Gruppe 38 ▪ Det første bogstav ▪ teaterRum ▪ Bobbi Lo Produktion ▪ C:NTACT, Den Danske Scenekunstskole og Livingstones Kabinet