Festival Venues

Come and visit us in Horsens

We showcase performances at 11 different venues. All venues are within walking distance.

The festival’s youth programme takes place at FÆNGSLET.

FÆNGSLET is a former state prison that has been repurposed into a cultural and event center. The prison operated from 1853 until 2006 and housed inmates serving various sentences. After its closure, the facility was renovated and transformed into a multifunctional space used for concerts, festivals, exhibitions, conferences, and other cultural events. FÆNGSLET is now one of Horsens’ main cultural landmarks and attracts visitors from both Denmark and abroad. From FÆNGSLET to the city center there is app. 20 min. walk.

Family performances are held at various locations in the city center.

In the city center, we have performances at 9 different venues, including Kulturstationen, where you will also find our Festival Café, and Horsens Ny Teater, where you will also find our Festival Secretariat.

Kulturstationen is a cultural center focused on providing diverse programming and activities for children and families. It serves as a hub for cultural events, workshops, performances, and exhibitions geared towards children and young people. Kulturstationen aims to enrich the cultural life of the community by offering opportunities for creative expression, learning, and entertainment in a welcoming and inclusive environment. It often hosts events such as theater productions, art exhibitions, storytelling sessions, and interactive workshops designed to engage and inspire young audiences.