Theatre Evenings

Get smarter on how theatre can be used to investigate and create dialogue about current topics, emotions and problems, when Horsens Theatre Festival invites you to three exciting events in collaboration with the cultural café GRUS in Horsens.

All events are free. Reserve your ticket here or come by and see if there is room for you.

Digital violation
September 1 at 5.30 – 6.30 PM

Trolling, stalking, unicorning, grooming, hate speech. Our digital life is everyday life. Now let us stop talking about whether the web is good or bad, or whether we should use it or not. Let us rather talk about how we use it, because the web is here to stay, whether you like it or not.

Meet Marion and Jonas, who will talk about their experiences with young people and digital violations.

Marion is the director of Teater Apropos, who presents the performance WELCOME TO THE INTERNET at Horsens Theatre Festival. The theatre investigates youth identity in Denmark by producing theatre at eye level and with an unpretentious approach.

Jonas works at Center for Digital Pedagogy. He is interested in what the media does to us. The media affects the way we interact with each other – but how? And what do we do with it?


Improvisation Theatre

September 10 at 5.30 – 6.30 PM

Get a little insight into what it means to be on stage. For an hour, we will play and work with body and voice. It is crucial that we have fun, enjoy the present, delight each other and learn new things during the hour we are together.

You will encounter exercises that train you to be present in the present. To be able to take an impulse and work with it. To dare to say yes and follow someone else’s ideas – and much more that we will create together.

The workshop will be lead by professional actor and theatre director of Det Kommende Teater, Søren Ruby. Det Kommende Teater has played hundreds of performances in Denmark and the Nordic countries, and presents the performance ”Not a Word – About Free Speech” at Horsens Theatre Festival.



September 15 at 5.30 – 6.30 PM

When are you something? When you’re born? First time one’s name is said? First time someone says they love one? And who are you if you are NOBODY?

Meet Per and Peter, who together will explore loneliness, identity and belonging.

Peter works with psychiatric interventions for young people through both study and volunteer work. He himself has had a tumultuous childhood and youth, and now he uses this knowledge and experience to advise and help other young people.

Per is the daily manager of the Aarhus Theatre Opgang 2, who premieres with the performance NOBODY at Horsens Theatre Festival. Opgang 2’s performances debate and facet people’s lives without touching anxiety, as it is lived here and now in a diverse Denmark, and humor and seriousness go hand in hand in all productions.