FollowFollow - the opening performance in 2023

By: fABULEUS and Koen de Preter

‘FollowFollow’ is the latest collaboration between the acclaimed Belgian choreographer Koen de Preter and fABULEUS. It is a choreographic work created for a group of young people aged 13-19. It is a dance performance about following all meanings of the word. About copying and imitating, about trends that emerge, disappear, and re-emerge, about the underground becoming mainstream, about following and pursuing something and someone, and sometimes following the wrong path.

‘FollowFollow’ is a coming-of-age story without words. Vulnerable and strong, the young dancers on stage dance their way straight into the inexplicable but very recognizable feelings of the young audience, and those of us who are no longer young remember that time with our entire bodies.

Choreography: Koen De Preter

Performers: Natan Bex, Sari Blauwet, Emmanuel Boakye, Yanna Lambaerts, Noah Meulemans, Naya Mbayo, Anton Rys, Ilias Tallon, James Van Cauwenberghe, Louise van Genugten, Alex Van Speybroek, Miro Ver Elst

Artistic coaching: Nienke Reehorst
Rehearsal director: Katja Pire
Dramaturgy: Peter Anthonissen
Sound design: Fudetani Ryoya
Costumes: Marie Dries