About us

Horsens Theatre Festival presents some of the best Danish theatre performances for children and youth. It is held on the third weekend in September each year and invites locals alongside theatre professionals from near and afar to experience high quality performing arts. All performances and activities are free but require prior ticket reservation.

The programme is curated by a selected group of theatre professionals in cooperation with the festival coordinator and emphasizes versatility, variety and high quality. The programme consists of approximately 30 performances alongside 1-2 international productions.

During the festival weekend you will experience performing arts all over town – both indoor and outdoor. Maybe in the shopping centre and the local school. Maybe when taking a walk on high street. Theatre is everywhere and the whole town is bustling with creativity, joy and interaction. All festival venues are within walking distance which creates a very intimate and familiar feeling. Are you a theatre professional, you are also invited to eat lunch at the festival café with all the festival participants and on Saturday night there is a banquet for theatres, volunteers and co-partners.

The festival is organised by the Municipality of Horsens and co-financed by the Danish Ministry of Culture and private fundings.