Photo: Hanne Nielsen

About Horsens Theatre Festival

Horsens Theatre Festival is a festival presenting some of the best Danish theatre performances for children and youth.

The festival was first held in 1985.

The program is composed by the Curatorio Group in cooperation with the Festival Coordinator. They select a program consisting of approximately 35 Danish performances along with an exclusive selection of international productions. The program emphasizes versatility, variety and quality.

Horsens Ny Teater is the centre of the festival and the festival information as well as ticket office are located here. All the festival venues are within walking distances.

Around 7.000 tickets are distributed free of charge.

The festival is organised by the Municipality of Horsens and co-financed by the Danish Ministry of Culture and private Fundings.

Horsens Teaterfestival
Horsens Kommune - Kultur- og Eventafdelingen
Rådhustorvet 4 - 8700 Horsens
Tlf.: 7629 2308